A Note From Me

One day ….  I just snapped and I hit the point of enlightenment and instead of running, I faced my fears, my insecurities and my pain head on. I am so happy I did because now I exist in a completely different mindset than ever before in my life.

It was the moment I stopped resisting karmic energy and chose to embrace it that things shifted dramatically; I learned from it and it accelerated my spiritual evolution. I have watched so many, many people shut off, unseeing of their reality and blind to the karmic lessons before them. My advice is to lift the cloak beneath which you live (which exists to protect ourselves from truths we rather not face) and take note of the experiences, the patterns that make up your life. Karma will never let up and you will never win and so you must change.  Move on with your life and surrender to the will of the Universe and you will see how amazing and magical life can be for you.

You are a unique, worthy, beautiful, gifted, lovable, divine being of light and you deserve to know that every single day.

Spend time reading and discovering; new ideas raise your vibration substantially.  You will become aware of the truth within this existence both spiritual and physical (our world).  Focus on who you want to become; be the change you want to see.  When we take a leap of faith, the Universe catches us!

I am from Vancouver, Canada and have spent over 10 years in Europe, mostly in Italy.  I have lived on the shores of a lake, in the forest on a mountain, in a countryside full of corn fields and of course, within cities. It was in Europe where my facade fell apart and I was forced to connect with the truth of my own self.  My friends tell me how fortunate I am about my lifestyle and, yes, in many ways they are correct, but their view is based on the surface of what is apparent not the tumultuous journey of spiritualism I experienced. I will be truthful and say that some of it is hard to believe.  I will share many of my stories of my travels as it was during this time that I had my awakening.

I share my soul because I know that our most painful stories, the ones that never make it to the surface (you know the ones … they hide behind shame and are buried deep down in a cage with a lost key) are the ones that help us create authentic and genuine relationships with clients and friends. I want for people to understand that without releasing these hidden realities we can never be free of them, they will always hold power over us and suppress our abundant selves. While it was not easy I am glad for every difficult moment because without them I could never have found my authentic myself.

It took most of my lifetime to realize that I am a very sensitive empath (I sense others’ emotions on par with my own) and I have also learned that becoming in touch with my true essence has enabled me to be a powerful healer. Identifying and lessening pain is my job but alleviating it, banishing it, well that is up to you for it is through that you will find your own greatest self.  Love yourself today and then choose to believe all problems have resolved and the solutions will appear as you need them.

I create unique offerings and courses for soul-seekers. My work incorporates all that I am and many practices (Transformational & Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki, Forest Therapy, Energy Healing, EFT, Feng Shui, Intuition, Meditation, Chakras & Mudras, Nature,  Oracles, Yoga, Tibetan Rites and Crystals) to empower others to connect to their inner wisdom.  I believe in the powers beyond the physical. I know that transformation can occur when we move the unconscious to the conscious – the inner world to the outer world.

My name is Deedee and I am enough, just as I am , right at this moment!