The MAJESTIC Virtual Retreat

The MAJESTIC is a self-care virtual retreat and gathering with like-hearted women where we call on ancient wisdom and blend it with modern practices so you can know your higher-self and manifest your dreams and desires.

It is a soulful sanctuary of peace, prosperity and creativity.  It is dedicated to rest, renew, connect to your blissful life.

The  MAJESTIC retreat can be described as a practice of essential time away from the usual original route that takes you back to the authentic you.  Time out of overwhelm and into neutral flow. Time away from stress and into peace of mind.  Time for YOU to just BE!!


Opening:  March 2017 – February 2018

The MAJESTIC is one-year virtual retreat that is divided into two parts :

(1) Transformational  Phase– We will spend time tackling anything  holding you back from your desire goals.

(2) Manifesting  Your Life – After the Transformational Phase, we dive into manifesting your dreams to go beyond bliss.

INVESTMENT:  $99/month for 12 months or one fee of $1,111/year