“Cutting cords doesn’t mean. “I don’t love or care about you anymore.” Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships. Is simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Remember, fear is the opposite of love, and etheric cords (and all attachments) are created from fear.” ~ Doreen Virtue

Most people are not even aware of these energy cords.

A cord is a negative energetic structure that ties you and another person together.  The major cords are formed with lovers, spouses, children, parents, siblings, close friends, sexual abusers, and any sexual partners. The minor cords are often formed with clients, bosses, co-workers, teachers, friends and acquaintances. There are two types of connections when you form a relationship with a person.

The first type of connection is the spiritual and a positive bond that contains energies like unconditional love, fondness, affection and lesson learned together (things like this). This is a cord the we may not sever because it contains all good for us.

The second type of connection is a negative cord of attachment and this energetic structure contains all the negative energies that have ever been a feature of your relationship.  For example, let’s say you have a cord of attachment to an unfaithful ex-boyfriend. Encoded within this cord are the feelings you had when found our he was cheating on you. This could be feelings of rage, paranoia, anger and energies of inadequacy.  When you break up, you may never see each other again but the cord of attachment remains and this cord contains those patterns.  Even though you are supposed to move on from the relationship, those energies circulate between you both and still affect you.

These energies from the cord are flowing into your aura 24/7 and affecting your ability to feel, think or act differently. Another is a person going through a divorce and without realizing it, parents feed these emotions to their children and partners, creating all sorts of problems for everyone.

You will usually be able to tell who you have the most toxic cords with because there will be a certain negativity associated with the relationship, no matter how much you love or respect the person.

When it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to move forward with confidence and clarity forward to receive new opportunities in your life.

We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects, but if you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative patterns or addictions, or feel a strong psychic connection to someone that is draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual is beneficial.

Cord cutting is a process that severs that negative attachment between you and another person so that the shadow of that past relationship does not hang over you or affect your behavior in the present. You will no longer be overshadowed by negatives energies.  Cutting the cord can help your recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go and can bring about new, pure, and positive opportunities.

My personal experiences with cord cutting and removing them have made a dramatic difference to my life.  I literally changed overnight in terms of groundedness and have been a lot happier since.

Meet Shannon, my cord expert. I am thrilled that the Universe sent her to me.  I want to share her expertise with you as I want the best for you.  I highly recommend doing this.

For the Month of January, Shannon is offering cord-cutting sessions for $44 (normally $88).

You can book an appointment directly with her @ https://calendly.com/beachwalkalchemy/cord-cutting-session

The process will usually take 30 – 45 minutes.


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