The spirit of the holidays is gratitude and giving. For many of us, the holidays were magical in childhood, carefree times to be savored. But then we grew into hordes of harried adults, falling victim to the season’s high expectations. Holiday stress has become as much a tradition as the Christmas turkey.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—but Christmas can be a very  stressful time of year.  For many the Christmas holiday period is a mass of complex social interactions with family or relatives, some of whom you may rather not see.

There could well be expectations, or at least perceived expectations, to create a ‘wonderful Christmas’ with presents and perhaps the most important meal of the year.

It’s very satisfying to offer support to the people we love, help out a neighbor, or do something positive for the community. But the conflict arises when we continually agree to things that please everyone but ourselves or when we commit to tasks for which we have no time or desire.

When you know your priorities, you can turn down the less important things. It’s easier to say ‘no’ if you know what you’re saying ‘yes’ to.

If festive entertaining leaves you frazzled, try a change of scenery. Refocus on what is important to you.

Seek a fresh perspective. Make a change. Take a task that drives you crazy during the holidays and tackle it in a new way. A fresh approach just might make a difference for your mind, body and soul.

Being in Italy, I gave up the celebrations and having to force-feed myself (there is no lack of endless food here) and checked into a Spa in the mountains. Best decision I made.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever you choose to celebrate, I send you love, joy and peace to manifest a beautiful 2017 and may the energy and vibration of peace, joy and abundance be with you.


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