Salt water is rich in minerals and its negative ions get into correlations with the positive ions in the body generating a beneficial effect. This Salt Water Cleanse is a powerful spiritual practice that fights against the negative energies and drains them out of your system.  Every time you are in a weakened state, you leave yourself opened to additional attacks by the negative (black) energy physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What’s most interesting with the salt water cleansing, you don’t have to waste your spiritual practice in counteracting the negative energies at all. On the contrary, it will help you realize your actual spiritual growth. You can perform the Salt Water Cleanse once a day or in cases of severe distress,  the cleanse can be repeated 2-3 times per day.

salt-water-cleanseYou may feel symptoms such as yawning, burping, warmth in eyes or ears, numbness in legs, sliminess on the immersed feet are signs of the negative energy coming out. After the 15 minutes of the Salt Water Cleanse, the water may become blackish in color, smelly or warmer due to negative frequencies that were escaping from your body.

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